Supplier Responsibility

Designed by Apple in California. Made by people everywhere.

Millions of people across more than 50 countries make our products possible. Respect for people and the planet we all share is our top priority. At Apple, we’re always learning and raising the bar. When challenges arise, we work tirelessly to create lasting change.

Logistics, United States

People come first.

In everything we do.

Labor and human rights at the foundation.

We listen. And act.

Health and wellness education, India


Accelerating opportunity.

The Apple Supplier Employee Development Fund

Partnerships that drive progress.

Skills that open doors.

Logistics, United States

Health and Safety

Built smarter.

Helping our suppliers create the safest and most advanced facilities around.

Health and safety at the core.

Wellness in mind.

High-precision spaces.
High-tech workplaces.

Daisy, Apple’s iPhone recycling robot, the Netherlands


The products you love also love the planet.

Respect for the environment is a built-in feature.

Environmental rights are human rights.

Carbon neutral by 2030.
We’re zeroed in.

Leading the recycling revolution.

A zero waste mindset.

Read the full report to learn more about our unwavering dedication to people and the planet.

View the 2023 Progress Report (PDF)


Apple Standards

  • Human Rights Policy

    View (PDF)

  • Supplier Code of Conduct and Supplier Responsibility Standards

    View (PDF)

  • Regulated Substances Specification

    View (PDF)

Apple Suppliers

Reports and Filings

More from Apple on our global supply chain.

Your voice makes a worldwide difference.

Feedback makes our global supply chain better. We welcome your thoughts, questions, and ideas.

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